The power of creation:- Walter Sam(Poem)

Oh God the immortal father!!
Thy word hast adorned the day in radiant wrapper
And the night in thick sweater.
Thou made waters liquid foundation unto earth
And rain liquid pestle unto earth.
By thy decree the twinkle stars wave yon above
Upon the firmament which gathereth yon above.
Thou maketh darkness foreman of the night
Which dieth in the morrow by day light.


Thou hast planted the earth with dense foil for men to toil
And mighty rocks to harness the soil.

Thou commanded night and light to part their way
Even as east and west which goeth partway.
Thou hast clad the trees in brown trousers
And winds thrutch them to and fro like rivers.
Even the thick shrubs are no differ.
Thy chants alone I’ll sing
Forever and ever it’ll ring.
Walter Sam


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