Rain International was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on 11/11/11. Our products are manufactured in the USA. Our CEO and founder is Byron P. Belka. The company is in the Health and Wellness industry and uses the Network Marketing model to distribute their products.


We are currently operating in 46 countries worldwide and in 8 years, the company has made well over 200 million dollars in sales around the world. We are fully operational 3 African countries which are; Nigeria, Namibia, Botswana. Of course we are also open in Europe, USA, Canada, and Asia.


Nutrition Is Dying

This need for  proper nutrition in our diet gave rise to a lot of companies who have created health supplements.

All these health supplements are in one of these categories;

  • Herbs
  • Pills
  • Juices
  • Oils And if you think about it, all these categories above came from one thing – The Seed

Our Products


Rain International has Six Products;
  • Soul
  • Core
  • Soul Red
  • Bend
  • Form
  • Pure

Soul, Core, Bend and Soul Red are now available in Nigeria.


All approved by NAFDAC

Rain Soul Wellness

Soul is our flagship product and was created by a team of Doctors and scientists who were looking for ways to provide nutrient dense food to children who had just gone through Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. They discovered the power in 3 Seeds when cold pressed and combined in a particular dosage. The seeds are Black Cumin Seed, Black Raspberry Seed & Chardonnay Grape Seed

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Rain Pure

Pure helps your digestive system function, which means your body can absorb and utilize more nutrients. This boosts the effectiveness of all the healthy things you eat, including Seed Nutrition

Rain Core

Core is our second product and it is full of greens. For you to get all the greens in 1 sachet of Core, you will need to fill your kitchen with all manner of green vegetables and still it won’t be enough. Infact you will need to take up to 8 glasses of fresh vegetable juice to get the value of i sachet of Cote Core detoxify the body from the Cells to the tissues to the organs. It gets rid of toxins from the body.

Rain Red

How can Rain Soul Red help with red blood cell health?

This amazing supplement is doing for your body even if you don’t know! See this Blood Analysis Video Before taking SOUL, then 15 mins, 30 mins and 1 hour After Taking SOUL.

Rain Bend

This specific Rain product was developed with the aim of restoring and maintaining flexibility and mobility. It does that by working on the bone structure, joints and cartilage. While it does offer some more general health benefits, its main function is more specific. While it follows logically that it would be beneficial to older people, and people recovering from Injuries or surgery. You may also want to keep the following in mind.

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Rain Form

was developed to help your body burn fat, and to help curb your appetite. Aimed at
restoring your body to its natural “form” (shape and condition), it contains a powerful combination of plant proteins – and comes with a potent collection of beneficial nutrients.

Rain International Products

Both rain and core are very useful instruments in my hand as a nurse and midwife. Have been using it to manage high blood pressure, high blood sugar, both hyper and hypothyroidism, stroke, infertility both in men and women, obesity, anaemia, goitre, malnutrition, treating abortion, delayed second Stage to mention but few. The product is reliable with living witnesses. Thank you.

Adefenwa Docars
Amazing testimony from using soul this night! My 17 months old baby Keren has been coughing uncontrollably for close to 1 hr and couldn’t sleep. I became really worried because the AC was not on and she has not been coughing at all before now. We just gave her a sachet of soul and she did not cough again at all and even slept off before she could finish the sachet. 30 minutes later she has still not coughed but sleeping soundly. Seed nutrition is truly Powerful.

Ronke Okafor
I was 54 years old when I was introduced to Rain products. I had been married for 25 years with no child, perimenopausal (not menstruating for months) and I had Fibroids.
I was already contemplating surgery to remove the Fibroids when my friend introduced me to Rain products. Having tried so many therapies which failed, I was reluctant initially, but then started taking the products solely for my health benefits. I did not anticipate the result I got a few months later.
I fell pregnant for the first time after 25 years of marriage. I had my first child at the age of 55 in January 2020
▪️Thank God for these amazing products by Rain International. They certainly work ✅💯
▪️Thank God for my friend Mary who told me about the products 🙏🏼
That’s what good friendship is about
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Rain Testimony
I gave birth to my daughter naturally (no C-Section). After having my beautiful daughter, after the usual 6 week post partum recovery i was still experiencing pain. The pain was excruciating, it would radiate down my left leg and sometimes cause my leg to go limp. I was taking Prescription strength tylenol to help with the pain until i finally went to my OB-GYN complaining about the pain. My daughter was 5 months old at the time. I had a CT scan with contrast done and I was told that they didn’t see anything wrong with me. My OB said its probably nerve damage and there was no resolution for Nerve damage. My cousin introduced me to RAIN international seed based products to help with my pain. I wanted to stop taking Tylenol so much, so I started taking 2 packs of SOUL a day and 1 CORE a day. Within 1 month the pain had receeded by the 2 month it was gone and I was able to go down to 1 Soul a day. As I write this i no longer experience any pain/symptoms. I still take a minimum 1 SOUL a day because i love all the other health benefits it brings me. I encourage everyone to do the same.

Ada Daniel

Rain International Breast Cancer Testimonial and Product descriptions

Rain International Testimonial Neelleys Story

Health Is Wealth

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