(Poem) The Nightmare Fighter

Slow and steady, was i taunted, haunted—
By many a deary memory from days of yore.
Lo, I pondered to utmost subconscious state.
Till I napped, like a dying ember.
Slow and steady; as my spirit vanished,
Journeying through dark dales, distance woods,
Places of many disembodied faces.
Wandering around like a missing star.
Slow and steady, was i drowned in my mare—
As I almost slipped from my deepest sleep.
With my mirth turning into fright
And tears flooding my eyes.
I need to wake! I cried,
With my heart shuddering
To many a dread and hush of wind,
And many creepy voices.
Slow and steady, I remembered:
How I lulled my eyes with tears,
And my heart with burdens of thoughts
“Can’t give up on life now!” I said,
But i woke again a nightmare fighter.
©®™ Walter Samuel

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