New Music:-“I Give You Praise” By Taiwo Okotete

Taiwo Okotete is a songwriter with an intense passion for music and the Gospel. She believes in God and still thirsts for more of HIM. 
Her debut single, ‘I Give YOU Praise’ is a ministration to bless souls of men across Nigeria and beyond, to the glory of God. This debut single is to express a heart of gratitude to God for HIS precious love towards all, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. GOD is faithful! Indeed, the Gospel Music Minister is set to awake in us ‘the secret place’ before God, where lies our strength. To take Gospel music to another pedestal, where our souls will pant after God (Psalms 42:1).
I read on Mount Zion Faith Ministries Facebook page the story entitled ‘Losing the Gift for not using it’ on Tuesday, 12 May 2020. The story is about a man that was embittered when he attended one of their programmes because the same storyline created in the film ‘The Great Mistake’ was revealed to him by God, a year before Evangelist Mike Bamiloye produced the film; but he put it aside.
Seeing that the ministry has produced the film, he asked whether God could still manifest His mercy towards him. That evening, the message troubled my heart, because that was me too. I abandoned my gift and for many years, I could not get inspiration to compose songs again.
On that fateful evening, the Lord laid upon my heart the burden to pray. I did pray for forgiveness and restoration in tears. I promised God that I would use the gift. On Thursday, 14 May, 2020, the Lord gave me the song: ‘I give You praise’. It was a wonder! He also blessed me with committed brethren: Brother Fisayo Blessing Ojo and Sister Priscilla Aiyedun, to produce the song.
Trinity show · I Give You Praise – Taiwo Okot


I give You praise
I give You praise
I give You praise    
For my life

Verse 1:
I appreciate You
For Your mercies
And Your love, ever true
You are my Saviour       
My redeemer
My defender
You’re my helper

…And Your love is ever true

Verse 2:
I adore You
My Creator
And Sustainer, ever sure
You’re my provider
God with me

Verse 3:
Lord, I’m grateful
For You are faithful
By Your Spirit, You restore me
My inspiration
My song
The melody 
In my heart

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