Lust:- Walter Sam(Poem)

“Sweet is the wine of lust”
“Sweet is the milk of her bossom”
“Sweet is the taste of her lips”
“Pleasant is the warmth of her skin.”
“Her wine I’ll drink till I’m drunk”
“And eat her lips till I’m filled”
“Upon her bosom I’ll lie till my age sink”
“Today I’ll defile myself to the brim.”
“Pull me not dear Christian brothers”
“pull me not dear Christian sisters”
“But tell my parents I’m gone”
“Bye bye my hand waves”.
“My golds I’ll sell for penny”,
“My diamonds for dime,”
“I’ll buy her sweet pleasures,”
“For dew of sacrilege cascades.”
“Preach no more dear pastor!,”
“For lust have apprehended me!,”
“But Slay me thou beautiful wretch!,”
“For the bonfire waits me!.”
Remember the body is not for fornication and all fornication and uncleanness shall God judge but enjoy whe moonlight of your youthful days with care jesus love you


Walter Sam


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