"It is not easy to cope around ladies as a young gospel artist".Nehemiah Ocha (Full details)

Nehemiah Ocha is a young, dynamic and talented Nigerian gospel artist. His creativity and style of singing makes him outstanding.
During an exclusive interview held by Trinity Show Media he made it known that it isn’t easy to cope around ladies as a young gospel artist.

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Pls tell us about yourself?
My name Is Nehemiah Ocha, Am a Christian and also An artist.
Am a Redeem member, I attend RCCG Potters Place, the present Music director and Head of Music Ministry.
Am a graduate of Water Resources Management (Hydrology Option) from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.

Why gospel music?

Am a sacred worshipper a life dedicated to serve God alone.That is my calling,And I don’t do things when I don’t have backup. The Holyspirit gave himself to me as my backup, so since he always refuel me I decided to stick to his leading and directions and I have never failed.

So when did you started doing music?
I would say from my mother’s womb oo
Cos my mum and dad were Choir Mistress and Master
when they got married.
Almost everyone in my family sing as well though, but as an artist is just like 5 years 4-5 years rather,Others had always been as a crew.
How many track(s) or album(s) do you have ?
For now 2 but working on the album
16 tracks in all but yet to come out.
Can you please tell us the challenges you have faced or facing as a gospel artist?
A lot mostly no support, Everyone is just on his own except if God rises For ones. No promotions and the likes
But God has been faithful
So far.
Don’t you get support from your parents or family members?
They are trying, but to be candid I am the one supporting myself because I am the first born and as a Nigerian you know what that means.
what should your fans be expecting from you soonest?
A great movement, an evangelistic Worship and Word Concert

We would like to know more about the Word Concert?
Still in process but it’s the Wordship Xperience
Word + Worship = WordShip
Motto: iWORSHIP iWORD Jhn 4:23-24
Should we be expecting any top artist at the concert ?
Hmm for now we can’t say but working towards that sha but as the spirit leads
As an handsome, talented and skillful young man. Are you not being disturbed by ladies, how do you manage your way around them ?
My brother ladies issue is a normal thing
But with God’s wisdom and being careful
He has been helping because it’s not easy I must confess.
Where do you aspire to be in the next five years?
An International icon oo

Do you have anything to say to your fans out there ?
I love them all and thank u all for supporting me oo you all are the best
And I celebrate you.
Always feel free to contact me should in case u wanna advice or pray for me in my social media platforms FB,IG and Twitter: @nehemiahocha
And do you have any advice for the upcoming artists ?
1. Don’t rush
2. Stay with God and get a word from him. Let him tell you to go before u go, never leave his presence undone
3. Then go with the covenant he has given you because there would be challenges but when he gives u a word, it would stay forever.
Please him always and maintain every level he takes u to with humility.

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  1. Nice one Minstrel of the most high!!
    May God’s Grace continually uphold you in Jesus name.

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