Daily Dose of Inspiration with Israel Olutomi -Problem Solver Or Inventor(14)

Problem Solver Or Inventor(14)

Let him who would move the world first move himself. – Socrates

The greatest killer of dreams and vision in africa, most especially amongst the youths is Laziness & The Quest For Quick Money. The more reason africa has refused to develop, because her strength which are the youths are lazy but want to live luxuriously. 
Everyday gives birth to a new wave of fraudulent minded sets of youths who are too lazy to work out solutions to the problems affecting the continent. Nigeria is not left out as we seem to be the headquarters of fraud. 
But pls pray tell, is fraud a lazy mans job? No. But if the tactical wisdom and prowess that would be developed to be able to swindle unsuspecting individuals were channeled to innovative use in the areas of technological advancement, creative thinking and writing and so many well meaning and dignified trades, then Africa would be a better place. 

As a progressive mind who complains daily about how the world has turned out to be, what has been your input and contribution in making your nation a better place. As a dreamer who dreams of a brighter future for his/her nation what step have you taken to see to it that your little effort contributes to the development of your nation. 
The dreams you have won’t manifest except you make a move in the direction of its manifestation. 

Remember  “You will only prosper to the degree you’ve been able to add value to other people’s life”.

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