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Problem Solver Or Inventor(13)

It takes the same amount of time in a day to make one hundred naira as it takes to make to make one million naira – Millonaire Motivation
One of the greatest difference between making success and failing is in the use of time. 
Many fail not as a result of poor planning but their best laid plans failed because they did not make the proper use  of time and chances. A man who is to defend a contract before willing investor for 10am and arrives 1 hour later with excuses of traffic congestion should know there is a likely chance he would have no part in the resources of the willing investors.
Are you one of those we need to invite for a competition amongst perpetual late comers to determine who is boss? You need to know one thing for certain that the man succeeding in his endeavors also operates on the same time line as you do and he definitely isn’t a super human or a genius to understand the value of been on time.
Constantly ask yourself,  how much do I want to succeed? do i really want to succeed? if your answer is yes and you are known for having degree in time wastage, then you need to realign your mindset about time so you can attain the succes you dream about. 
Remember: “You will only prosper to the degree you’ve been able to add value to other people’s life”.
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