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Do not focus on money; instead focus on a problem that needs to be solved for the world…. money will follow as a by-product. – Manoj Arora
One major reason why there are fewer wealthy men and why they keep getting richer by the day is because every time there is a problem all they see is an opportunity. They run towards the problem to solve it and then create a business structure and model out of that solution. Alas, the poor see the same problem as a bad signal, run away from these money-making problems and never reason out a solution (which is why they keep getting poorer and poorer). 
Various research has shown that the rich more than double their wealth during the time of recession and economic hardship because they come up with a solution that everyone needs to pay for even in the time of hardship. (At times you pay extremely heavily for the solution) 
Look around you, seek out a problem that needs to be solved. For there is a cordial relationship and romance between problems and money. They are more like siblings. Don’t just keep running after money.
I am of the school of thought that believes that the more you run after money, the father it gets from you. But when you add value to people’s life, money would chase you without struggle. “from my experience though”
You need to come to the realization that the economy does not dictate the amount of money in your pocket or bank, the problem you solve does.
Remember “You will only prosper to the degree you’ve been able to add value to other people’s life”.
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