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Where there is problem, there is abundance of wealth – Sunday Adelaja
All that lots of able-bodied men and women complain about is the situation of the country but they never proffer a solution neither do they make moves to be a solution. 
It then is no surprise when most of them get to the same position where the problems reside and they get swept under the rug of problems or they join the band wagon of problem inventors, forgetting that one of the quickest ways to make great wealth is to provide solutions to any given problem.
Don’t just sit there, don’t just complain all day long. Start from your home. Be the solution to the problems plaguing your home. Move through your community, definitely there is a problem to be solved and money to be made from solving that problem. Once you’ve conquered these stages, duplicate your solution and sell them to other homes and communities. Your solution would help double your wealth, your solution would help put you on the map to prominence. 
Look around you and see the solution to problems that you consume on a daily basis, calculate what the producers of those solutions rake in daily in $ € £ or N
Don’t just be a solution consumer, be a solution producer.
Remember “You will only prosper to the degree you’ve been able to add value to other people’s life”.
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