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You must be disciplined enough to think on your own and to excel without someone breathing down your neckSunday Adelaja
No matter where you reside or work irrespective of profession, status or education, the most common statement you hear from your waking hours till you drop heavily on your bed at night would surely be about how one problem or the other is prevalent in the country, home or office space.
Many whom you see pass you by are a walking bullion van of perceived problems without solutions. Many can create and regenerate millions of problems that would arise if they decide to take a bold step in any direction towards achieving their dreams and goals.
Note: You were born with loads of problems and challenges at your fingertips, but life and destiny would not engrave your name firmly in gold if all you do is keep reinventing problems rather than creating a solution to the existing ones that abound and surrounds you, and when you are done, pick up other challenges to solve. For it is the problems you solve (not create or invent) that determines your significance in life and to your generation.
Remember “You will only prosper to the degree you’ve been able to add value to other people’s life”.
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