[Audio + Lyrics Video] “Makana” By Lisa Kingsley

Makana! is a prayer song born in the place of prayer. The raging storm at that time was life threatening and I was praying with Palm 2 calling on God to arise, until it became a song.

Onyeka onwenu’s Bia Nulu chorus was just a perfect expression of my heart cry that season. Through it all God proved to us that against all odds ,darkness cannot prevail over light ! By the help and inspiration of the Holyspirit this song was put together.

No matter what you go through in life, if you are on the Lords side be assured that darkness cannot prevail. Hallelujah !

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Lyrics:- Makana

Onweghi mgbe ike mmadu
(the power of man)
Ga aka ikechukwu
(can never surpass Gods power)
onweghi mgbe ike ajo mmuo
(the power of satan)
Ga aka ikechukwu
(can never surpass Gods power)

Nna nuru ooo
(father hear us)
Onye na eme nma
nuru olu anyi
( the one that does good hear our voice)

Eze nuru oooo
(king hear our voice)
Agu n’ eche mba
(the lion that guards
the city )
nuru olu anyioooo
(hear our voice)


Ekpere ahu nkpere n’ututu ruo n’abali,
(the prayer I have been praying morning and night)
Akwa ahu nkwara n’abali ruo n’ututu
(my tears that flowed from night to morning)


Nna nuru ooo
(Father Hear us)
Onye na eme nma
(The one that does good)
nuru olu anyi
(hear our voice)

Eze nuru oooo
(Oh king hear us)
Agu n’ eche mba
(the lion that guards the city)
Nuru olu anyi
(Hear our voice)


Verse 1:
Why do the heathen rage
And the people imagine vain things
kings and rulers gather
Taking counsel and making plots
Hey! against the Lord
Ha! against His annointed
Jehovah is Mighty
His name is the Lord of Host
I will not be afraid
Of ten thousand soldiers that surrounds me

onweghi mgbe ike mmadu
(the power of man)
Ga aka ikechukwu
(can never surpass Gods power)
onweghi mgbe ika jo mmuo
(the power of satan)
Ga a aka ikechukwu
(can never surpass Gods power)

call : nna nuruoooo
res: o o o o o
call :Eze nuru
res : ooo nuru olu anyiooo

Ekpere ahu
mkpere n’ututu ruo n’abali
Akwa ahu
nkwara n’abali

call : nna nuruoooo
res: ooooo
call :eze nuro ooo
res: ooo nuru olu anyiooo

Verse 2
You are father of the fatherless
hope of the hopeless
help of the destitute
comforter to the lonely
our shield and defender
the Lord strong and mighty
Agu n’eche mba One
(the lion that guards the city)
ololo ihe lolo ihe lolo enyi
(The one that can swallow what can swallow an elephant)
ogwo isi ogwo ngworo
(the one that can heal the blind and the lame)
ikuku ama nonya
(the wind that cannot be trapped)
you are the Lord of hosts
that’s who you are Lord…

Chorus: repeat

Ekpere ahu nkpere n’ututu
ruo n’abali

(speaking in tongues)

Oh Oh Oh Oh oh
oh oh oh nuru olu anyiooo
Eze Bilie ,bilie
(king arise, arise)
bia buoro m agha ezu ezo ooo
(come and fight every hidden battle for me)
ikuku amononya
(the wind that cannot be trapped )
oke mmiri na ebu ogwe
(the great river that removes the bridge )
ebekuo dike uzu atuwa tuwa!
( the warrior you call upon and the battle becomes fierce)
ebube dike ebube dike
(glorious strong man)
Ekpo kpuru ndu ekpupu ya
(the greatest masquerade that can strip other masquerades)
ozo pia pia n’elu oogwu
(the one that dances on thorns)
Chi nata ekete ose onaghu
anwu mmiri
(the one that can eat basket of pepper without drinking water)
ide ide ide ide ji mba leeee
(the one that holds the earth )
Anu ana agba egbe ona ata chew gum
(the animal the hunter wants to shoot yet He is relaxed chewing gum)
odogbu muoooooo!
(the strongest one)


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