Daily Dose of Inspiration with Israel Olutomi -Problem Solver Or Inventor (10)

“Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity” – Gerhard Gschwandtner
Considering that we live in a modern age, many are yet to be mordernized. Some still live in the stone age. Many still reason as in the time of the stone age. But come to think of it, even those of the stone age revolutionized their tought process and thats why we of these time and age could call ourselves modern.
They were faced with diverse problems and challenges which led to solution finding revolution and escapades. The creativity that resulted from this move has been breathtaking. 
We are in a new age. A computer age. A time where resources for research are easier to come by, simply ask google. With all the resources that abound, what are you doing concerning the troubles and problems that surrounds you? Do you just complain or do you put on your dancing shoes and glide in search of a solution? Or do you wait for others to work out the solution for you and you make them wealthy in acquiring said solution.
Where’s the sense of creativity in you. What are you creating with your time and energy. 
Get up now and make a change with solutions that would have your name attached to it.
Remember  “You will only prosper to the degree you’ve been able to add value to other people’s life”.
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