Daily Dose of Inspiration with Israel Olutomi -Problem Solver Or Inventor (9)

Problem is not that there are problems, the problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having a problem is a problem. – Theodore Rubin

So many who should be in position of prominence and honor are no where to be found simply because most hide under unrealistic beliefs. When many see problems the first thing that comes out of their mouth is God forbid. Many are of the belief that once they believe in their God then nothing called problem must and should never come their way! What a pity and When many are eventually faced with problem and challenges they keep ranting *why me* like D’banj did in his hit single titled “why me”. 
No matter how saintly your think yourself to be, problems and challenges would surely come your way. The way you face them is what determines how victorious and prominent you become.

The problems and challenges that come your way are meant to build, train and help you become a more better person. But when you are of the belief that nothing of such is meant to come your way, how do you grow and in growing mentor others and in mentoring others become a go to figure for solutions and in becoming a go to figure for solutions you add value and in adding value you become prominent and by so doing you become prosperous. 

Remember  “You will only prosper to the degree you’ve been able to add value to other people’s life”.

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