In a challenging and inspiring manner, Kola Olugbodi, the founder and CEO of the first and foremost background screening firm in Nigeria, Background Check International (BCI), details his life from early childhood until his present age. When Kola was just a year and three months, he suffered from polio which resulted in the loss of the use of his left leg. At the age of eight, he made a resolve not to wallow in self-pity because of his disability nor let it limit him in life. Defiling his disability, he drove a manual car against his father’s firm conclusion that he won’t be able to and later on in life didn’t give up on marrying the ‘best-of-best’ lady though suffered rejection from her for four good years.

Growing up to become an adult didn’t change the narrative, Kola’s ordeals in life waxed stronger. He battled barrenness for seven years before having his first child, then another seven to get the second. He had exclusive dealings in the ruthless hands of business failure and poverty, which he graphically detailed in the book, before God turned his story around and inspired him to start the first background check company in Nigeria, West Africa and even all over Africa except for South Africa.


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Through It All shares in a simple and practical manner how God led Kola Olugbodi out of his many trials and gave him a great and unique story to tell the world. This book is for anyone who currently feels life has been greatly unfair to him/her and needs a bundle loads of encouragement or anyone presently stuck in one challenge or the other and feels there’s no way out.

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