15 Signs To Know If A Guy Loves You

Can’t figure out if that guy you’ve been hanging out with likes you back? Obviously, you don’t want to ask him. That would make for awkward conversation, and it might totally ruin the great dynamic you two have Borat meme. You could be as upfront as Borat! But that may not work…

It can be nerve racking (but fun) figuring out if someone likes you more than just as a friend. Indicators of Interest. In the dating world, signals that indicate someone is interested in you are called IOI’s or “Indicators of Interest.” And to be honest, there’s an endless list of these signals, but in this article, I’ve compiled the top 25 indicators that he’s totally interested in you.

1. He Wants to Talk to You

A lot. He goes out of his way to start conversations with you.

2. He Looks At You Often

Men are visually-driven, and men want to look at what they like. Cars, guitars, and believe it or not, girls, are things men love looking at.

3. He Touches You

The next time you’re chatting with this fellow, take note how much he touches you. If he’s touching you – especially in the arm area – it means that he’s physically attracted to you.

4. He Finds Excuses to Spend Time with You


5. He Asks You Questions No Other Guy Asks

Yes, they may be questions that are a little more private such as, “So what are you doing tonight?”

6. He’s a Little Nervous Around You

If you can sense he’s being a little awkward and nervous around you, it means that he cares about what you think of him. Translation: He wants you!

7. He Teases You

He treats you like a little sister at times.

8. He Calls You for No Reason

If he call you to chat, it means he’s thinking about you when you’re not around. This is a big one. 

9. He Tries to Make You Laugh

And when he does, does he sometimes fail miserably? That means he’s trying really, really hard to please you. This is another big sign.

10. He Shows Off to You

Men are biologically hard-wired to show off when they’re interested in a woman. It’s like when peacocks mate; male peacocks flare their feathers almost as if to say, “Hey! Look how cool and awesome I look!”

11. He Protects and Defends You

Getting in an argument with a friend? If he takes your side, then it’s either because he agrees with your point (or he just likes you).

12. He Texts You, e-mails You and Facebooks You

Enough said.

13. He Says Your Name in Conversation a Lot

He likes saying your name.

14. He Gives You a Nickname

This goes along with teasing you, but if he gives you a nickname, it means he’s putting his mark on you.

15. He Asks About Your Interests

And not only that, but he wants to talk about your interests with you. He wants to share a passion with you.


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