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DOWNLOAD Omeriwo By Lizzy Michael And Feel Better. Our God is truly faithful and He deserves to praised.
This Omeriwo (He has won) came when it seems as if all hope was lost .I was faced with different kind of difficult situations you can ever imagine.I was frustrated in everything I do; all effort to make progress was literally aborted so at that point the option that was coming to my mind was to commit suicide but I heard a voice telling me that all is not not and He referred me to Ecc 9:4 …for to him that is joined to all the living there is hope; for a living dog is better than a dead lion (KJV)
He went forward to say that God has won the victory over every situation may find ourselves that all we need is to exercise

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our Authority in christ Jesus and we will be free that point i Started worshipping God in the middle of the worship (omeriwo) came ….
I tell u from that day till eternity I won the victory

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Omeriwo n` ime ndu m ( He has won in my life )
Omeriwo n` ime ndu m
(He has won in my life)
Omeriwo n` ime ndu m
( He has won in my life)
Chi m siri m gaa n` iru atuna ujo ( my God said i should move on I shouldn’t be afraid

Verse 1
Beginning and the end
You are the first and the last
You never leave me half way
Chi nwe ndu m (the owner of my life )
Imeriwo (you have won)
The chief corner stone
The lion and the lamb
You are my way maker
Chi nwe ndu m oh ( the owner of my life )
Call: Imeriwo ( you have won )
Resp: Imeriwo n` ime ndu m( you have won in my life )*3
Chi m siri m gaa n` iru atuna ujo (My God said I should move on , I shouldn’t be afraid)

Ad leaping —-
Odogwu akataka ( mighty God)
Otu aka na- eru mba ( A hand that touches the whole universe)
Oloro ihe loro enyi (He that swallow something that swallows elephant
Osiri nwa diri nne ya ( He that keeps the child alive for the mother)
Ebube muonso ( miraculous God )
Osimiri ata- ata ( the ocean that never runs dry)

Verse 2 (chant)
Imeriwo …( you have won)
Otu aka na- eru mba (A hand that touches the whole universe)
Anu kporo nku na eju onu ( the dried meat that fulleth the mouth
Otu onye ana si unu abiala ( A personality that is welcomed as a crowd )
Ezigbo oyi umuazi ( A very good friend of children)
Agu bata ohia mgbada awara oso (when lion is present in a forest,antelope will flee away )
Di nwanyi isi -nkpe ( the husband of the widows)
Onye bi n` enigwe nke ato ( He that is seated in the heavenly places)
Kpakpando ututo (Bright morning star)
Ji ana -ahu n` oku na-epu ome (the roasted yam that germinate )
Ogbajiri igwe kpo ya nku ( He that breaks iron and call it stick)
O mara otu m si bia uwa (He that knows how I came into existence)
Onye dika gi eze m ( who is like thee my king )?
Oke mmiri na- ebu ogwe ( The heavy rain that destroyed the bridge)

Inula ihe chineke kwuru (have you heard what the lord said )*2
Chi anyi siri m gaa n`iru atuna ujo (our God said we should we should move on ,we shouldn’t be afraid)

Ad-leaping for the ending part of the song
Agu(lion )
Oke muo na – eti onwe ya ( mighty God that doeth mighty things)
Agu na- eche mba (the lion of tribe of Judah).

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